WWE rumors 2016: Goldberg says he is committed to 'WWE 2K17' only

Goldberg comes as a pre-order bonus for "WWE 2K17."Facebook/WWE 2K

According to the latest WWE return rumors, Goldberg will return to the WWE ring soon in time for this month's brand split. However, this many not be the case.

In an interview with 411 Mania, the former World Heavyweight Champion said that his only affiliation with WWE at the moment is the upcoming game "WWE 2K17," where his game version is a pre-order bonus.

"WWE has not called me to be a part of any roster. My relationship with WWE stands with the video game and the video game only," Goldberg clarified.

"If they want to extend an olive branch and pick up the phone, then I will make a comment on that once they do it. But prior to that, nothing's been done," he went on to say.

Due to the WWE brand split, which is fast approaching, tons of reports have emerged that WWE is contacting some of legends of WWE to be back.

Apart from Goldberg, also rumored to return are Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle, who confirmed that he talked about a possible return prior to the announcement of the brand split.

According to Forbes, while Goldberg is not new to the acting scene, the fact that he is taking on more action roles in movies also hints that he could return to WWE.

Interestingly, while promoting his upcoming films "Check Point" and "Bauer," he hinted the possibility after speaking about how wrestling and doing fight scenes in movies aren't that different.

"I have no issues whatsoever working with the WWE as you see with my involvement with WWE 2K17," he said via Forbes.

At the moment, it appears that Goldberg fans will have to settle for a virtual comeback of the fighter in "WWE 2K17," which is coming out this October.

It's been more than a decade since Goldberg quit WWE reportedly due to the franchise's direction. Whether he will return or not, fans will simply have to wait.