WWE rumors 2016: Titus O'Neil suspended for playfully grabbing Vince McMahon

Titus O'Neil[photo: Commons Wikimedia/Miguel Discart]

Titus O'Neil is someone known to have a good heart. He indulges in charity work and has done his fair share for the community.

It wouldn't be surprising that O'Neil has a playful side as well, seeing that such is something that could make an impression for someone as hulking as himself.

In the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), fans rarely get to see O'Neil up close. When he performs, it is all about business. He rarely flashes a smile and plays along unless occasions call for it. At the WWE Raw, there was an occasion, although it wasn't exactly an opportune time for him to be playful particularly with the WWE chairman Vince McMahon.

In the climax of that episode, it was all about honoring Daniel Bryan who was officially announcing his retirement. Vince McMahon and the WWE locker room were on the ramp to properly send off the "Yes Man."

However, a segment that got caught showed someone pulling or putting his arms around McMahon which, of course, didn't sit well with the boss.

McMahon was seen pushing off O'Neil in the process, but the issue didn't stop there. He was subsequently suspended for his actions and now, O'Neil wishes that he didn't pull off that stunt which seemed to be untimely.

As a result, O'Neil was meted a 60-day suspension for that incident, something he later realized was wrong. He was ready for the consequences and admitted that he wouldn't be surprised if he would be fired for his actions.

The biggest mistake he did was laying his hands on McMahon. It is a big no-no in any company particularly for an emotional night that belonged to Bryan.

With his suspension, O'Neil is unlikely to be around for WrestleMania 32, which will take place in April. He would have most likely been in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, although the suspension will now keep him from that.