Widow forgives and hugs woman who killed her husband in car accident


In a touching moment of forgiveness, an Atlanta woman whose husband was killed in a tragic car accident embraced the woman who was responsible for the crash.

Tamara Matthews pleaded guilty for the accident that killed not only Sandra Walker's husband Glen Walker, but her own teenage son Joshua Jenkins.

The car accident took place on Nov. 5, 2011, when the black minivan that Matthews was driving crossed the center line into the Walker's white minivan.

Glen Walker was driving the white minivan with his wife and two children, when the black minivan crashed into them. The car flipped over and resulted in Glen Walker's death. It also left Sandra Walker with a traumatic brain injury.

Matthews, the driver of the car, was with her 16-year-old son Joshua Jenkins, who died at the scene.

In a court sentencing today, Matthews was given 36 months probation and 500 hours of community service. During the court sentencing, Walker was seen walking over to Matthews and giving her a hug.

The 32-year-old widow told WSB-TV: "I know she is going through as much pain as I am feeling. I wanted her to know that I forgive her for what she did."

During a court statement, Walker told Matthews that she forgives her for the crash that killed her husband. "Ms Matthews and I have a lot more in common than is showing on the surface. But the one thing that is obvious is that we both suffered great loss," Walker said.

Sandra WalkerWSB-TV

She cried as she spoke of her late husband. "He wasn't just my husband; this isn't just about me. Others are mourning his loss as well: his mother and father are still waiting for him to return and walk through their door. His brother and cousin have lost their person, their mentor and friend who was always there to give them guidance and advice. Friends, family and coworkers whose lives have forever been changed. At 35 years old, over 600 people attended his funeral. He was a difference-maker in people's lives."

Walker also told the court that she did not want Matthews, who also lost her own son, to go to jail. "I have no anger or angst towards you," she said.