'Why Didn't You Tell Me That?' 3 Reasons Why Christians Should Be Unashamed to Speak the Truth About Sin and Hell


All Christians—regardless of skill, ability, talent or personality—are commanded to speak the gospel to everyone.

Many, however, fail to do this for a myriad of reasons:

"I'm shy."

"I don't know what to say."

"I'm not called for it."

"I'm not a pastor."

"I don't know how."

These are but some of the reasons that Christians say when asked regarding why they aren't sharing the gospel.

While it's true that many feel shy, don't know what to say, aren't called to become pastors, and are simply untrained for such work, the truth remains: Christ has commanded all who believe in Him to preach the gospel (see Matthew 28:18-20).

A word of encouragement: Christ didn't commission us without empowering us. We have the Word of God, the blood of Christ, the word of our testimony, and the indwelling of the almighty Holy Spirit. We have all that we need to do what Christ said (see 2 Peter 1:3). We are actually enabled to do it.

Now that you know that you're empowered to do it, all that you need are reasons to go and share the gospel without the need to feel ashamed. Here are some compelling reasons why we must go.

1. Christ Won't Preach the Gospel for Us

While it's true that the Holy Spirit will speak the Word of God through us as we preach (see Luke 12:12), it's wrong to assume that Christ will do our work for us. Christ has already died on the cross, has already risen from the dead, and has ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of God. He has already commissioned us. It's time to do our part in preaching the gospel.

I've heard of people say they're ashamed to share the gospel, and they're praying for someone to come along and do it in their behalf. Why not obey Christ and do it personally instead?

2. Anyone Who Dies Without Believing in Christ Will Go to Eternal Hell

Scary, but that's the truth. Salvation comes by believing in the finished work of Christ alone (see Acts 4:12; Ephesians 2:8-9). How can people hear the gospel and respond to it in faith if no one preaches to them? (see Romans 10:13-15)

God's will is for all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth in Christ (see 1 Timothy 2:4). We need to realise that we're part of that will: He empowers us as we obey. It's our task to preach the gospel.

3. The Gospel Is the Only Solution to All the World's Problems

Do you know someone in bondage? Someone who has lost all hope in living? Someone who can't stop pursuing relationships that hurt more than heal? The only solution for their hurts is through the cross of Christ.

At the cross, Christ has opened the door for the restoration of all things: for man to return to God, and be given His real identity in Christ; for God to dwell with His people via the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; for man to walk in His statutes as led by the Spirit; and for God's will to be done through the obedience of the saints. (see Ezekiel 36:22-27)

Through Christ, sin's power is broken, and the Accuser of the brethren is rendered powerless (see Colossians 2:14; Revelation 12:10-11). Through Christ, sinful man is redeemed and restored to God the Father (see 2 Corinthians 5:18-19). Through Christ, everything will bow down in subjection to God (see Philippians 2:10; Romans 14:11).

These truths can only happen when Christ is preached. We need to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.