Who has God on their side? Popes to battle it out in World Cup final

(Photo: Vatican)

It's set to be the holiest World Cup final yet, as Pope Francis' native Argentina will face Germany, the homeland of Pope Benedict XVI, on Sunday night.

In a shocking semi-final, Germany tore down host rivals Brazil with a humiliating 7-1 win earlier this week, and Argentina beat the Netherlands 4-2 in penalties after a far slower match last night in Sᾶo Paulo.

This means that the current and last Pope, both of whom are said to be huge football fans, will see their native teams battle it out on the pitch in the hopes of lifting that elusive golden trophy.

Some are cheekily suggesting that it will be a testament to who is the greatest pray-er, and perhaps even who enjoys the highest favour with God, though the two popes have prayed side-side-by side in the past, and Francis declared "We are brothers," upon meeting Benedict for the first time since his election to papacy last year.

The current Pontiff is an avid supporter of the Saints of San Lorenzo in Buenos Aires while his predecessor is said to be a fan of Bayern Munich, but each will no doubt be cheering on their respective national teams during the final on Sunday.

The question is: who will pray the hardest?