Whether the UK should take 3,000 child refugees is a question of morality, not politics

The UK will accept more unaccompanied child refugees in response to pressure for opposition parties and charities.

Although the Home Office have not said how many they will take, they have confirmed the extra children will be taken on top of the 20,000 figure already pledged to be taken by 2020.

However they have confirmed that they will not be from Europe but UN refugee camps in Syria and neighbouring countries, much to the frustration of campaigners.

Both Save the Children and the Labour party have expressed their disappointment the government will not be accepting child refugees from among makeshift camps in Europe such as Calais' Jungle.

Alongside the children's charity and Labour, Tim Farron, the evangelical Christian leader of the Liberal Democrat party, who has long campaigned for Britain to take at least 3,000 children from Europe, expressed his anger at the annoucement. He said the government was doing the "absolute minimum to alleviate the biggest humanitarian crisis facing our world in the last half a century".