When it comes to equality and faith, the Government is robbing Peter to pay Paul

(Photo: Pexels/YlaniteKloppens)

It is sad indeed that the courts have banned a religious protest over LGBT lessons outside a school.

I know of many parents who are not people of faith but who are nonetheless against the idea of teaching kids about LGBTQ issues in primary schools.

As a Christian, I do not appreciate a lesson like this being taught to my kids in primary school. I do not want anyone telling my kids they could be in the wrong body or that it is ok for them to touch themselves in secret.

Some of the materials used in teaching this topic are very disturbing.  I feel it is my duty as a parent to introduce this topic to my children when I believe they are old enough to understand it.

I think the problem really is the fact that this is being made compulsory and parents cannot opt their kids out of these lessons. This makes me feel as if the government is not being fair and considerate towards people of faith.

I do not hate the LGBTQ community. Neither does my faith teach hate towards them. My faith teaches me to love everyone. However, in accordance with my faith, I do not accept the values of the LGBTQ community when it comes to same-sex marriage, and I should be allowed not to.

If I am telling a non-Christian about Jesus Christ and that person tells me to stop, I am expected to respect that person's view and belief, and I can be termed offensive if I continue pushing my opinion of Jesus Christ to that person. I believe the same principle should apply to those of us who do not want our kids to be taught about LGBTQ relationships and issues in schools.

The government in my opinion is robbing Peter to pay Paul. They are robbing people of faith to please the LGBTQ community. Respect and freedom should be for all and not just for a select few.

We can respect each other's views without necessarily accepting them.

The government should introduce the lessons if they want to but give parents the right to opt out just like they can with sex education.


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