What we can take from this year into the next

(Photo: Unsplash/Clay Banks)

2021 has been rough, we know. You've felt it, you've said it, and with it being the end of the year you're going to hear it a lot: this year has been rough.

I know, I know. I'm sorry. I am adding to the many reflective thoughts you'll read from many others at this time of year. Bear with me.

With 2020 being the way it was, we all had a hope that 2021 would be better. How that turned out for you, I don't know, but I truly hope it did. However, chances are it may not have.

Rather, for many we were provided with hurdles to jump; new perspectives to understand; processes to establish; issues to resolve; twists and turns to navigate and unexpected events which are, unfortunately, becoming increasingly more expected - or rather, anticipated with uncertainty. And a lot of this has brought and continues to bring stress and anxiety.

So, how do we approach 2022? What does 2022 look like? We approach it with the growth and understanding we developed so far.

If we look back over 2021, and even further to 2020, we recall a huge amount of shock. Additionally, a lack of preparedness or understanding to manage what was rapidly and rampantly taking over the world.

It was this shock and the urgent need for an immediate response which consumed 2020, and it was the intermittent yet continuous waves that crashed throughout 2021 that has made many weary.

2021 became less about responding to one thing and instead about learning to manage many.

We're all together

We live each day in tandem, following a sense of a timeline, together, and in unison. So, together, all of us have just completed the year 2021. This time is a reflection. It is a reflection of one that is coming to an end.

A year of all the above. A year of hurt, heartache, pain, confusion, insecurity, greed, disappointment, danger and doubt. A year of rules, politics, regulations and unfairness. A year of crashing waves. Over, and over, and over again.

But through it all, it's been a year of breaking them. A year of grit, resilience and determination.

When the waves crashed, we dug our feet into the sand and when the current pulled we dug even deeper. And when the water engulfed us, we broke the surface.

Because with lockdowns there were lift ups. With separations came reunions. With sickness came recovery. With closed businesses came opportunities. With QR codes came accountability. With masks, safety. And with uncertainty came vaccines.

So, stop for now. Take this time. Catch up with yourself. Reflect on what this year has been for you. Recognise what you have done and how you have grown and what you have achieved. The waves you broke to get to this point now.

Stop and recognise that even you made it to now.

Embrace the waves

Reflect, recognise and prepare as you head into another year. A new year, or, simply next year if you'd prefer - but another year nonetheless. A year where the world feels a bit more prepared.

So, acknowledge the growth from this year and take it with you. Recognise the strength that has been developed in you and take it with you. Equip the tools you have sharpened this year and take them with you.

With all this year has been, it's time for the next. It's time to move on to 2022.

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