What was Billy Graham like as a dad? Son Franklin shares insight into late evangelist's life

Franklin Graham (L) shared some of the fondest memories he had with his father, Billy (R) in the book 'Through My Father's Eyes.'Reuters

What was it like to have Billy Graham as a father? Many people are curious as to what the world-renowned evangelist was like at home with his family, so his son, Franklin, has shared some of his fondest memories in a new book called "Through My Father's Eyes."

"People have asked me what it was like to have Billy Graham as a father. The truth is, the same Billy Graham they saw in public was the Billy Graham we knew at home - there weren't two. I'm so thankful for the example he set and for all that he taught me," Graham shared on Facebook.

Graham started writing the book 12 years ago, but now it is ready for release on May 1. In it, the evangelist shared the many life lessons he learned from his father. "I hope these lessons will be as valuable to others as they were - and still are - to me," he added.

On the book's website, Graham further discussed the things that his father used to share with him. "My father taught me about God and His Word. He taught me never to question the truth and authority of God's Word. God says it - that's it. No arguing. Not only did he teach me about the Word of God, but he was faithful to follow it in his life. Even if he didn't understand it all, he still believed it," he said.

Graham also learned how to lead a ministry and the importance of accountability to supporters from his father. Not only that, but he learned from what he saw during his father's last years in life. For the past few years, the elder Graham stayed at home with nurses and caregivers, but he still demonstrated God's love to them by showing them kindness and generosity. "These people became like our family. All of us children love them, and Daddy loved them," he said.

However, the most valuable lesson Graham learned from his father was the truth that Jesus Christ is God's Son. "He took your sins and mine to the cross, shed His blood for our sins, died in our place, and God raised Him to life. He taught me that we needed to preach that message with urgency until Christ returns. That's exactly what I plan to do," he said.