What helped Christian singer Mandisa get over a 'pretty deep depression'?

Mandisa recommends the song 'One Step Away' from Casting Crowns for all those who feel 'so hopeless and far away from my heavenly Father.'Mandisa

Even Christians suffer from moments of doubt and worry, and this is why it is important for them to be surrounded by positive and supportive people from the faith community.

This is exactly what happened to gospel singer Mandisa, responsible for such hits as "Overcomer" and "He Is With You."

"A few months ago I was in a pretty deep depression. I isolated myself and closed out all of my loved ones, including God. Eventually, I felt so hopeless and far away from my heavenly Father that I could see no way out of the self-imposed pit that I climbed into," Mandisa writes on her Facebook page.

Mandisa might be at a loss then, but God was always watching over her. He then sent her an uplifting message through a song. When she turned on the radio, she chanced upon the new Casting Crowns song called "One Step Away" from K-LOVE Radio.

The song is all about people making mistakes, being overcome with regret, and coming home to God's open arms.

The lyrics go: "What if you could go back/ And relive, one day of your life/ All over again/ And unmake, the mistake/ That left you a million miles away/ From the you, you once knew/ Now yesterday's shame keeps saying that you'll never get back, on track/ But what if I told you/ You're one step away from surrender/ One step away from coming home/ Coming home."

It was just the message Mandisa needed to hear to reunite with God. She says, "I just heard the new Casting Crowns single on K-LOVE Radio. This is the exact kind of song I wish I had heard during that period. If anyone feels now the way I felt then, be encouraged as you listen."