What does Genesis 2:24 look like in real life?


"Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." - Genesis 2:24

Many couples fail to fully grasp the intended meaning of Genesis 2:24. It's a short verse that is packed with instruction and wisdom, and disobeying it will ensure that we have a marriage with loads of problems.

This short verse gives us a grand picture of God's idea for marriage, the idea that many people do not understand. It would be good for us to see marriage according to the lens that this verse gives.

So what does Genesis 2:24 look like in real life? Here are a few ideas:

1) That single men will learn to be fully independent of their parents when they marry

Many single men think that they can still run to mom and dad when they get married. While the relationship with the parents remain intact, the priority given to it changes when we marry. It becomes second to the marriage relationship.

Some husbands who fail to understand this concept tend to run home to dad and/or mom whenever they have problems with their wives. They think that they can just tell their parents every little thing that happens in their marriages, and eventually cause their own parents to resent or even hate their wives.

It's a tragedy when that happens!

2) That both the husband and the wife will be co-dependent and fully united with each other "as one"

Here comes the second part. After the man and the woman choose to forsake all others and prioritize one another in marriage, they must work towards becoming one in everything. This goes beyond the physical union that is given in marriage.

Married couples must realize that everything they are and have are now in common. Whatever happens to one affects the other. The effects may not be exactly the same, but they will be there.

Moreover, decisions must be made as a couple, not just individually. Finances, responsibilities, time, resources, and feelings are shared.

3) The priority must be one another, even in child-raising

Spouses that haven't learned to grow independent of their parents will be at risk of letting their parents run the marriage, even when it comes to how the kids are raised. This has to stop.

Ever noticed how married women have friction with their mothers-in-law when it comes to how they treat their husbands and raise their kids? This is what happens when husbands fail to set boundaries when it comes to their own parents.

Married couples ought to realize that the relationship they have with their spouses takes precedence over other relationships, and must be second only to God. The marriage relationship is sacred, and must not be manipulated by others, especially those with ulterior motives.