What are the questions Lin-Manuel Miranda would ask Jesus Christ?

'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda would love the opportunity to have dinner with Jesus Christ so he can ask Him questions about the miracles He performed.(Facebook/Lin-Manuel Miranda)

If there were one person Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the hit musical "Hamilton," could have dinner with, it would be Jesus Christ, he says, and he's got some questions he would ask too.

"Oh, I have so many questions for Jesus. Listen, I grew up Catholic, so I just want to separate what really happened versus what grown-ups are saying. I have so many questions...I feel like He'd know," he told Judith Rodin, president of The Rockefeller Foundation.

Miranda said Jesus' story has been told by so many people that he would rather listen to it directly from Jesus. He is particularly curious about the miracle performed by Jesus during a wedding in Cana. Jesus was with His mother and disciples when He was told there was no more wine for the guests.

Jesus instructed the servants to fill every jar with water, and He turned the water into wine. Miranda may not believe in miracles as he asked, "Did they have extra boxes [of wine] in the back?"

He also mentioned one of Jesus' most famous miracles, where He fed five thousand people with just five loaves of bread and two fish. "I have a question about all the miracles. I have a question about who lived where. I have a ton of questions," he said.

Meanwhile, Miranda also has some strong opinions about American politics. The actor and composer has backed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He spoke to the crowd at Richard Rodgers Theatre on July 12 and asked them, "Are you going to vote for the guy who wants to build a wall, or for someone who's building bridges?"

Before he invited Clinton to the stage, Miranda said, "Today you've heard from the first President of the United States. You've heard Hamilton talk smack about the second President of the United States. You've heard from the third President of the United States. You've heard from the fourth President of the United States, and right now you're gonna hear from the 45th President of the United States. Here's Hillary Clinton."