Westboro Baptist Church Twitter accounts shut down

Megan Matteson, centre, confronts Jacob Phelps, of Westboro Baptist Church, outside the US Supreme Court Wednesday, October 6, 2010, in Washington.(Photo: AP)

The controversial Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) lost its primary Twitter account last week, LGBT site Pink News reported on Tuesday. 

The username @WBCSays is no longer active, but over a dozen  WBC-related Twitter accounts remain on the micro-blogging site. 

Shirley Phelps-Roper, daughter of late WBC leader Fred Phelps, said the church's account was suspended because of last year's protest outside of Twitter's headquarters. Phelps-Roper's account, @WBCShirl, was also temporarily suspended. 

"Dear @pinknews plz keep up," she tweeted. "WBC picketed @Twitter in August. Their response: steal @WBCsays &@WBCShirl #OldNews #CostOfPreachingTruth."

The group picketed outside of Twitter and eight other media companies' headquarters as part of its "God Hates the Media Tour" last summer. 

"God did not set these social media networks in place to facilitate perverts pursuing their divers filth; nor do they exist for paedophile grooming, spreading sodomite agenda, other wicked political propaganda or propagating mountains of false doctrine," WBC wrote in a press release.

"On the contrary, all these media platforms have one purpose; to spread the gospel far and wide. Though you labor in vain to demonise and stop the words we speak; you only succeed causing more people to see, hear, and be convicted."

In addition to Twitter, WBC targeted the headquarters of Google, Apple, Skype, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Reddit in its campaign. 

As of early Monday morning, Phelps-Roper's account was restored, but the main WBC account was still inactive.

The extremist church has expanded its protests beyond military funerals in recent years. 

Two weeks ago, WBC picketed outside the Portland Trail Blazers vs. Orlando Magic game in Portland because of the Trail Blazers' pro-LGBT stance. 

In October 2013, the Trail Blazers became the first NBA team to publicly support gay marriage as Oregon's gay marriage ban came under fire. Over a year later, the team's position caused them to be targeted by the WBC.

"The Portland Trail Blazers punched the Lord Jesus Christ in the face," the church's statement read.

"There was absolutely no reason for the Portland Trail Blazers to throw in their lot with the fags except to gratuitously kiss fag [expletive]. The Portland Trail Blazers should REPENT and apologise to God."

WBC also protested two NBA playoff games last season after numerous players, coaches, and executives voiced support for retired player Jason Collins after he announced that he is gay.