'War Room': A film that can make you 'go on your knees, pray and see transformation'

A poster for 'War Room,' a faith-based film that has received the seal of approval of several church leaders.(Facebook/War Room)

Christian leaders who were able to watch the faith-based movie "War Room" prior to its Aug. 28 release date have nothing but praise for the film, which uses a riveting storyline to drive home its message on the importance of prayer.

"War Room" tells the story of a woman who goes on a spiritual warfare in her prayer closet in hopes of saving her crumbling marriage and protecting her daughter, according to Charisma News.

'"War Room' is something that helps us realise that unless we engage in prayer in our personal lives and become an example in our families, to our children, that we're really just playing around and kind of like shadow-boxing," said Kay Horner, executive director of Awakening America Alliance.

As for Atlanta's Carl Eli, the main message of the movie is for Christians never to walk in fear because God is with them all the time. "I'm really happy to see a movie—a Christian movie—that talks about the most pivotal topic for a Christian: spiritual warfare," she said. "The enemy is out there to steal, kill and destroy. And to see these characters really take that ownership with the presence of the Lord and take back their homes, their families, their marriages, their communities—it was just fantastic," Eli said.

David Franklin, Georgia coordinator for the National Day of Prayer team, called the film "the most significant word from God to the Body of Christ that I've heard in the last 20 years."

Theresa Cantrell, Georgia Capitol coordinator for the Awakening America Alliance, praised the way the lead character made the Word of God come alive. "It's the Living Word," she simply said.

Meanwhile, Bryan Davidson of Cumming, Georgia, said seeing the movie will make you "go on your knees, get on your face, pray the Scripture, pray the truth, and see transformation."

Pastor Corey Lee of Atlanta's Convergence Church said "War Room" will actually teach people who are struggling to connect with God how to pray in earnest. "We want to pray, but a lot of us don't know how to pray," Lee pointed out. "I think this is an historic movie that's going to shape the way the Body of Christ functions in America."