'Walking Dead' season 6 soilers: Will Morgan go against Rick?

"The Walking Dead" season 6 is still a few months away but AMC already released the first official banner for the upcoming season. It showcases the conflict that fans are likely to witness when the series returns. As shown in the image, it appears that Rick Grimes' group will have to duke it out against Morgan and the residents of Alexandria.  

Back in the season 5 finale, Morgan (Lennie James) made it very clear that he had gone through some sort of spiritual cleansing and no longer believes in killing. However, the very moment he arrived in Alexandria, he caught Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) killing Pete (Corey Brill). Of course, Morgan didn't know at that point that the execution was ordered by Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) after Pete killed her husband. 

Either way, Rick's actions are in direct conflict with Morgan's beliefs and it is quite surprising for them to meet this way after being apart for so long. Their last encounter was in season 3 when Morgan's sanity was at its breaking point. 

It is also important to note that Father Gabriel (Seth Gabriel) is standing on the side of the Alexandria residents, indicating that he will continue his crusade against Rick and his methods. However, according to a report from Screen Crush, their fight might not last that long as there is a bigger threat around the corner. 

According to the report, season 6 will put a lot more focus on the Wolves, the group that has been marking zombies in season 5. It has been speculated that the Wolves may be a small group that will later lead to the introduction of Negan, the most prominent villain in "The Walking Dead" other than The Governor (David Morrissey). 

"The Walking Dead" season 6 will premiere this October; and some time in August, AMC will also premiere the first season of the spin-off series, "Fear the Walking Dead."