Vineyard publishes report into Alan Scott

Pastors Alan and Kathryn Scott sing and pray during a service at Vineyard Anaheim, which is being renamed the Dwelling Place, on April 24, 2022.(Photo: RNS/Video screen grab)

The final report following an independent review into allegations surrounding the conduct of former Vineyard pastor Alan Scott has been published.

Scott was the pastor of Causeway Coast Vineyard church (CCV) until 2017 when he moved to the US to lead Vineyard Anaheim, which he then controversially removed from the denomination last year and renamed Dwelling Place.

Following his move to the US, allegations surfaced about his leadership and an independent review was commissioned by CCV and Vineyard UK in February this year. 

The report has now been published following the conclusion of the review process, which was carried out by Trusted HR.

People who came forward to participate in the review spoke of "narcissistic behaviour that centred around Alan seeking praise, telling those who disagreed with him to leave the church, ignoring people and him being arrogant".

"People said that Alan was seen to be aggressive, shouted at people in the church when alone, and exercised lots of power over others," the report said.

"Although things have changed since Alan left, a few people think that some controlling behaviour from senior leaders is still evident within the church today." 

It also included claims of "manipulation" from over half of those who came forward, with people feeling they were being "silenced and forced to volunteer".

"Specific mention was of Alan, and sometimes other senior leaders, giving people a 'status' and additional influence over others as rewards for those that do their bidding - with a big focus on numbers of attendees, healings, salvations etc. to obtain these 'rewards'," the report said. 

Over half of the 37 respondents said they felt "spiritually abused" by Scott and his leadership style.

"The mention of more blessing from God was being used to encourage people to serve more, which was seen as abusive behaviour," the report said.

"Some stated that Alan would falsely idolise himself and that he appeared 'all-knowing'; multiple respondents stated that Alan would say he knows people's sins just by looking at them." 

Vineyard UK said it was "deeply saddened" by the conclusions from the independent review process and intended to "implement the recommendations in full".

Commenting on the publication of the report, Vineyard UK said, "We are sorry that we have not always acted well and been all that Jesus called us to be.

"We have offered counselling to those who have been affected and have provided support to those who would find it helpful."

Pastor Scott has been contacted for comment.