'Vikings' season 4 spoilers, plot news: King Ragnar's new love interest is a slave from China

Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) will have a new lady by his side when he returns to power in the fourth season of History Channel's popular drama series, "Vikings."

Show creator Michael Hirst first dished out the news to Entertainment Weekly, saying that the legendary Viking will be forming a "unique relationship" with the said damsel. Although mum about who will be playing the said woman, Hirst just revealed that she is an Asian actress and "a very talented one."

King Ragnar is captivated with a Chinese slave in the upcoming season of "Vikings."Facebook/History Channel

The Hollywood Reporter, meanwhile, confirmed that the creator is pertaining to Dianne Doan, who previously starred in "Once Upon a Time." Doan will portray Yidu, a Chinese traveler in the series. Hirst explained their choice of an Asian character for the role during the show's San Diego Comic-Con panel.

According to him, introducing one to the show was not "farfetched." He also said that he even verified the data with the series' historical consultant, and was told that it was "possible, plausible, almost certainly happened."

"Who knew the world was small enough even then for people captured by pirates in the Red Sea might to end up in Frankia, and then in Scandinavia?," he said.

Meanwhile, Doan shared some tidbits about her mysterious character to the International Business Times. She said Yidu was kidnapped on the Red Sea and was brought to Paris as a slave. It was only when Ragnar conquered the city that she came to Kategatt after being captured by the pagans.

"The people of Kattegat have never seen someone like her, from her looks, to views on the world and beliefs," she said.

This same mystery will attract the Viking towards Yidu, according to the actress. The king will apparently become captivated by the woman from an exotic country and will try to uncover who she really is.

"Vikings" season 4 will return 2016 on History Channel.