Tyrese Gibson thanks God for helping him restore his ties with ex-wife and daughter

Tyrese Gibson reunites with his ex-wife Mitchell and daughter Shayla.(Instagram/Tyrese Gibson)

"Fast and the Furious" star Tyrese Gibson is smiling from ear to ear these days as he thanks God for helping him reunite with his ex-wife Mitchell and eight-year-old daughter Shayla Somer Gibson.

The actor posted a family photo on his Instagram account (@tyrese) and writes, "You're looking at an answered prayer. Calm your minds people... The craziest thing is I pulled up on my ex and randomly she was wearing the EXACT COLORS today!!!!!!!! Aha!! We prayed and made peace on behalf of our daughter. Seeing the joy that has come over our daughter's life and energy brings me to tears every time. She's so much more focused in school and her overall energy is just amazing because she doesn't feel torn between two parents."

Gibson reminds his followers that there is power in the "presence of God."

"After praying and praying and praying, God showed UP and showed OUT. We will never be [apart] again, [b]ut we will always be a family. From the Gibson's to you and yours," he finishes.

Gibson and Mitchell engaged in a lengthy court battle over custody of their daughter, but Gibson assures his fans that they are through with their conflicts and are looking at a bright future together.

Meanwhile, Gibson recently took his daughter to the "Hands Up Don't Shoot" rally in Los Angeles, where protesters vented their anger at Donald Trump's candidacy and police brutality.

The actor says celebrities must use their "God-given influence and power" to make a difference in this world.

"YOU decide what you wanna do....especially if you have kids. Our kids don't have anyone to look UP to anymore," he says. "Celebrities are so concerned about being 'liked,' they would rather watch this world crash and burn than to jump out [and] use their voice."