'True Detective' season 2 finale episode 8 'Omega Station' - Who killed Ben Caspere?

"True Detective" season 2 will finally tie everything up today in its finale titled "Omega Station." In the previous episodes, fans watched Ani, Ray and Paul hunt for Ben Caspere's killer as Frank does an investigation for himself, putting all their lives in harm's way.

As usual, HBO didn't reveal much about the synopsis for the "True Detective" season 2 finale although the network made clear that the episode will give the answer the viewers and the characters in the series have been hunting since day one.

Although still reeling from Paul's demise, Ray and Ani continue to figure out the identity of the person responsible for Caspere's death all while closing in on the Paul's killers as well. The promo for the episode showed that Ani and Ray will have a very tense, difficult time in finding answers.

Frank, who just obtained a fake passport, is definitely off to somewhere. In the promo, he asserted to Ray his plan to take revenge. "Call it what you want. Revenge, justice. Maybe that means something," Frank said. According to IB Times, his grand revenge plan might involve Osip's handoff.

As per Vanity Fair, "True Detective" season 2 did not enjoy the same reception the first season of the anthology did. During the Television Critics Association summer tour, HBO programming president Michael Lombardo said that "you need to watch the entirety of it" before making judgments.

"I think the season's ending is as satisfying as any series we've done," he went on to say via Deadline. This is why Vanity Fair hopes that "True Detective" season 2 will deliver in its final episode.

In order for the season to end on a high note, the site suggests that one or two among a massive shootout, betrayal, over the top weirdness or a massive win for Ani will take place in the episode.

"True Detective" season 2 finale airs Sunday August 9  at 9 p.m. ET. Be sure to watch it live online on HBO GO.