'True believers should tell Bible stories,' says Christian filmmaker

(Photo: Christian Wagner)

Tim Chey is directing a new biblical blockbuster telling the well-loved story of David and Goliath. He assures the movie will stay true to scripture and has urged Hollywood to "embrace" Christian filmmakers.

Tim Chey previously produced faith-drama 'Carry Me Home', a $20 million movie following the story of a family of escaped slaves entwined with that of slave trader and composer of 'Amazing Grace', John Newton.

The film is due out in December and stars Cuba Gooding Jr.  

Chey's next project, David and Goliath, will "absolutely" line up with the biblical text.

"Hollywood should embrace true believers to tell Biblical stories," he adds.

He is currently looking for an actor to play the role of the eponymous David, the small town shepherd who defeats a Philistine giant with nothing but quick thinking and a slingshot.

Despite an impressive budget of around $50 million (faith-based film 'Heaven is for Real was produced for just $12 million), Chey is determined not to cast a well-known face for the titular character.

"We've had lots of names actors submit, but we want an unknown actor. We want the audience to really get into the character of who David was and not be tainted by any familiarity," he explains.

"We're leaving no stone unturned. We want the very best actor to play young David."

This indicates a marked departure from Darren Aronofsky's Noah, this year's biggest biblical drama yet, which featured an all-star cast including Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson.

In an exclusive interview with the Christian Post last month, Chey asserted that also unlike Aronofsky's epic, his movie will be "biblically correct in every way", and will seek to look at the greater story surrounding the events leading up to the encounter between the title characters.

"I want to show more of the cruelty of who the Philistines were and who Goliath was through historical data," he said.

"Also, I want to flesh out the powerful fear Goliath instilled on Saul's army. Also David's brothers – the incredible tears they must have shed knowing the little brother was going to take on the 9-foot warrior. It could have been a Shakespearean tragedy, but turned into a victory through God."

He also underlined the importance of Christian filmmakers entering the Hollywood scene.

"True believers have to step up and make the biblical films," Chey asserted, although he admitted that "to get super-talented filmmakers who passionately love the Lord is a rare commodity".

David and Goliath is set for a US release in early-2015.

Watch the trailer for Carry Me Home, expected to hit cinemas in December, below.