'Transformers 5' movie update: Decepticons have new allies, Peter Cullen reveals concern over franchise

Screen grab from Transformers: Age of Extinction

It is disconcerting to know that "Transformers: Age of Extinction" received so many negative reviews from movie critics, and yet, was still able to earn huge money in the box office. Is this because "Transformers" fans are very loyal to the movie franchise? Is it because of the entertainment the movie provides? Whatever it is, the "Transformers" franchise won't survive if it keeps using this formula. Something needs to be changed. 

That change may actually lie in the exit of director Michael Bay, who has directed the first four movies. According to the grapevine, Jonathan Liebesman will be taking over the director's chair. This new take on the movie could be the nudge the franchise needs. 

Then again, a seasoned veteran shared his own opinion about the not-so good change that "Transformers" is headed to. Peter Cullen, the voice behind Optimus Prime, talked about this at the SacAnime 2015. He said:

"There is a sense that Transformers movies are going into a darker area. I think I brought the concern to the movie studio and certainly to the writers. Perhaps ... Transformers 5 and 6 movies will go back more to its roots. There was an occasion where one line [in Transformers: Age Of Extinction] which Optimus Prime had, I did not want to say. It was my gut instinct and certainly my commitment to the character ... not to say the line. But I was told to say. You can't fight the big boys. I think you all know what that line was." 

The man has been working with the character for decades and his concern is validated. Cullen and the fans can only hope that "Transformers 5" will be better this time around. 

Meanwhile, there are rumors that there will be new allies for both the Autobots and Decepticons in the new movie. In "Age of Extinction," it was seen that Prime skyrocketed to space in search of his maker — the Quintessons. 

In his journey, Ultra Magnus will reportedly be helping him, while the Quintessons will be helping the Decepticons. Apparently, the creators will be the main villains of the Autobots this time around. If this is going to be the plot, rumors could be true that the movie will be mostly CGI and special effects. So, how will Mark Wahlberg fit in the movie then? 

"Transformers 5" is slated for release on June 24, 2016.