Trans World Radio to launch on DAB

Trans World Radio (TWR) is set to launch on DAB digital radio on 1 April.

The Christian broadcaster will be available to DAB listeners in the North West of England as they launch on the MXR multiplex, covering an area stretching from Nantwich in the south past Windermere in the north.

TWR currently broadcasts on satellite channel 0138, Freesat channel 790, online at and at selected times on Short Wave and Medium Wave.

DAB can now be received in over 85 per cent of the United Kingdom. Listeners can hear a choice of stations without hiss or fade unlike conventional FM and AM receivers. Newer radios also enable listeners to pause or rewind live broadcasts.

Trans World Radio will now be made more accessible to the 6 million people who inhabit the North West of England.

Russell Farnworth, CEO of Trans World Radio, said of the launch: “We have been hoping and praying for the opportunity to launch our radio ministry on DAB digital radio for several years now! This is an exciting development and an important first step towards national coverage.

“TWR has never faltered in its commitment to exploring possible every way to communicate the Christian message and I’m very excited that we have this great opportunity to reach a new audience on digital radio.”