'Tokyo Ghoul' season 3 release date update: Next season rumored to be season reboot


Fans have already been anticipating the return of the anime adaptation of "Tokyo Ghoul." Now on its third season, speculations suggest that the upcoming show will instead be a reboot of the series.

According to HoF Mag, while the next season is considered to be the continuation of the anime adaptation, fans themselves are not content with how previous season were adapted from the original manga series and are themselves petitioning for a reboot of the franchise. Reportedly, a petition has already been submitted online for the next season of "Tokyo Ghoul" to be rebooted by a different studio.

However, Funimation Entertainment has already been set to release the third season this year, possibly in the later months. The premiere has already been confirmed by company CEO Gen Fukunaga. Although the executive did not give details on the production, it seems that season 3 of "Tokyo Ghoul" will again be produced by Studio Pierrot. According to speculations, "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 may start its roll-out during the fall season, though a specific release date has not yet been identified.

Meanwhile, should the reboot request not push through, fans can expect "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 to follow events after season 1. The previous episodes under season 2 are not considered canon to the story, since they did not come from the storyline of the original manga, and the events were considered spin-offs exclusively for the anime show, conceptualized by Sui Ishida.

Although Funimation Entertainment already went on the record that season 3 will premiere this year, some observers are saying that the release date may be postponed, and that the new episodes of "Tokyo Ghoul" will start early next year instead. Reportedly, there are not enough materials from the manga to complete a new season, since the events on the anime show and the serial continuation are already dovetailing.