Time to stop the God delusion

(Photo: Keswick Convention)Professor John Lennox addressing the Keswick Convention

It's a crowded platform and one largely populated by people who do not believe in the existence of God. Big careers are being built on this heady blend of science and philosophy as evidenced by a burgeoning publishing catalogue.

This is no circuit for the faint hearted and few are the religious, let alone Christian souls who venture on it. There are a small number of exceptions, notably John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics in the University of Oxford, Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science, and Pastoral Advisor at Green Templeton College, Oxford.

And Professor Lennox is coming to Cardiff on 1 March, St David's Day to launch a brand new venture so we can all get on God's dance floor.

John has gone where few others dare tread. He has debated with Richard Dawkins on 'The God Delusion' and 'Has Science buried God?' He has also contended publicly with Christopher Hitchens on the New Atheism and the question 'Is God Great?'. As if this wasn't enough he has also discussed 'Is there a God?' with Peter Singer.

I suspect such Herculean contests would reduce most of us to darkened rooms and strong drinks, but John seems to thrive on bare knuckle apologetics. So much so he has produced a new resource called Exploring the God Question. And it's a big question being asked by John. Does the evidence from science point to us being the product of chance or intention?

This series of DVDs which will also be broadcast internationally, will help churches and Christians explore and weigh up the arguments in a fairly expressed manner and in the light of the wonders of our existence, as revealed by science. In fact viewers will navigate around six questions as they seek to answer to the big one, namely:
• Does science leave space for God?
• Could our universe have invented itself?
• Could life be self-assembled?
• Does the human mind provide evidence for God?
• What happens when we die?
• What do we believe about life, the universe and everything?

This is no Christian spin however, wrapping Christians in cotton wool protection against the hard questions being asked. This series is a journey with renowned scientists and philosophers from both sides of the debate, bringing alive the cosmos, the natural world and the hidden depths of the mind and consciousness.

It's being launched in Wales in two stages. First of all at an event on 1 March, Professor Lennox will address his audience and the evening will also include highlights from the international TV series: 'The God Question.'

Secondly, Cymru Institute of Contemporary Christianity will follow up this launch with a new series of its popular Science and Faith cafés at the city's Gate Arts Centre. Drawing a wide range of viewpoints, these will stimulate discussion and debate focused on the series.

Paul Hocking, Director of CICC said: "This event will be a great way to celebrate St David's Day – we are sure St David would have been greatly uplifted by it as well. CICC will be following the event with a series of Science and Faith Cafes and you can either attend that study series with your interested friends, or run your own series in your church or local cafe. All the materials you will need will be available at the event, or you can order online after the event from the 'Exploring the God Question' website."

Exploring the God Question will take place on Saturday 1 March,7.30pm, at Highfields Church, Cardiff CF24 4QW. The cost of the event is £6 (£3 for students, or those with limited means) and tickets can be purchased here