Thousands sign petition protesting Progress Pride flags on London's Regent Street

Progress Pride flags on display in London's Regent Street in 2023.(Photo: Getty/iStock)

Nearly 20,000 people have signed a petition protesting plans to display Progress Pride flags along one of London's most famous thoroughfares.

The petition was launched by Christian Concern ahead of the display planned for Pride month in June. 

It is common for shops, train stations and other public spaces to be decked out in Pride flags every June.

Progress Pride flags differ from traditional Pride flags with the inclusion of brown, black, light blue and pink stripes. These additional stripes represent people of colour, trans people, and those living with HIV/AIDS.

The petition to Westminster City Council calls the flags "divisive" and "gaudy", and says they are "completely inappropriate for this historic, iconic street at the centre of London".

"Each June, our neighbourhoods are swamped with Pride flags as councils, shops and other businesses signal their support for LGBTQ+ ideology. It's time to stop this," the petition reads.

"Rainbow flags are bad enough – but 'Progress Pride' flags add transgender stripes – a movement that has done untold damage to gender-questioning children in recent years."

It adds that the flags "make everyone who doesn't support the whole LGBTQ+ agenda feel unwelcome". 

"They send the message that Christians, and others with historic beliefs about sexuality and gender are not welcome," the petition said.