'The Snapping of the American Mind': New book says Obama is brainwashing America

(WND Books)

Making waves in America right now is a book titled "The Snapping of the American Mind: Healing a Nation Broken by a Lawless Government and Godless Culture" by award-winning journalist David Kupelian.

The book, which was launched on Tuesday and quickly soared to the top of the Amazon bestseller charts, is an eye-opener on the current American landscape, according to WND.com.

Kupelian began by describing the macro view of "waves of immigrants pouring into across the southern border while the government plans to import thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees. Racial tensions and crime skyrocketing. Radical wealth redistribution. An unworkable healthcare system. Big Brother spying. All proof that Barack Obama's promised 'fundamental transformation' of America is well underway."

The author then zeroes in on what's happening on the ground: "According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 130 million Americans depend on some sort of mind-altering substance to get through life. Some 110 million Americans have sexually transmitted diseases. Families are disintegrating. One in four middle-aged women is taking antidepressants. We've become a nation of addicts."

Interviewed on the mega-nighttime radio show Coast to Coast AM by George Noory, Kupelian said what he did was to "connect the dots between this large picture and this small, individual picture."

He noted that the first group of problems he mentioned concerns "nationwide maladies" while the second batch is about "individual troubles."

Kupelian said there is actually a cause-and-effect connection between the two.

The author dissected the many maladies afflicting today's American society. For instance, he said many Americans know that President Barack Obama is fundamentally transforming the country.

Kupelian said such transformation requires a change in the mind of the millions of Americans. "It requires breaking down the virtue, values and national memory of traditional, Judeo-Christian America," as WND.com put it.

Kupelian then made an astounding statement: "Today's far-left Democrat Party, the progressive left that promised to fundamentally transform America, is actually causing a great deal of this angst and depression and misery and wretchedness that we see on the individual level."

He also contended that the Obama government is actually brainwashing Americans.

Brainwashing "is not so arcane as we think," Kupelian said, referring to brainwashing techniques used in World War II where pressure and intimidation were used to achieve government objectives.

Kupelian cited one exampleā€”the income tax. He said this is not really about raising revenue, but about keeping the American public afraid.

"People are afraid of the government," he said. "Why? Because they're afraid of the IRS ... It's not about money. It's about maintaining a constant base level of fear and anxiety in the public."

He said some Americans are strong enough to resist the brainwashing, but then the Obama administration tends to try to cast such people as dangerous security threats, WND.com said.

"During the Obama administration, we had a situation where the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2009 was declaring that pro-lifers and constitutionalists and people that had a problem with illegal immigration and even returning war veterans were classified as 'potential right-wing extremists' and possible domestic terrorists."

Although the DHS later dropped that classification after a public outcry, it already cast a chilling effect on would-be administration critics.

"If they can call a normal person with traditional Judeo-Christian, World War II, traditional American values a potential terrorist, what is to keep them from saying, 'Because you are critical of the government, you're anti-government, that sounds dangerously like a dissident,'" Kupelian said.