The Pirate Bay update: site tackled by Windows 10?

Wikimedia Commons/The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is still going strong, despite its intermittent downtimes and the ongoing legal battles with authorities. Despite other torrent sites permanently shutting down in the recent weeks, TPB still continues to be one of the most-used file sharing sites online.

Meanwhile, with reports saying that Microsoft's new platform has more stringent security measures against torrents, fans are wondering if TPB and other sites will make it to Windows 10-enabled devices.

According to VCPost, it was reported that Microsoft is joining the copyrights movement by offering a more strict security system for Windows 10. Those who have already upgraded to the new platform will not have access to torrent sites, as Microsoft will reportedly actively block The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents and other file-sharing websites. The report also indicated that some fans have pointed out that their torrent files mysteriously disappeared after upgrading to Windows 10. Microsoft is silent on this issue.

Meanwhile, as one of the most known torrent sites online, The Pirate Bay is in an ongoing legal battle with copyrights management advocates. A case against an ISP to block TPB is already ongoing, with company giants such as Warner Music and Sony Music joining the fray.

The Pirate Bay is also one of the torrent sites that have served fans the longest. Going active in 2003, TPB has consistently ranked as one of the top torrent sites. This is despite the fact that in recent times, TPB and the rest of the torrent-sharing sites have been intermittent in their online presence as a result of legal nooses tightening around them. Meanwhile, as other sites like YIFY and Popcorn Time are shutting down for good, and Kickass Torrents having its own set of internal problems, fans are depending more and more on The Pirate Bay for their share of file torrents.