The Pirate Bay news: TPB is online again following weekend downtime

The Pirate Bay graffiti in Makarska, Croatia.Wikimedia Commons/Jakov Vilović

The last couple of days struck fear at the hearts of torrent fanatics worldwide as the file-sharing giant, The Pirate Bay, suffered a global shutdown during the weekend.

The duration of the downtime, which appears to have lasted a day, was long enough to have users worried, especially with the production companies doing what they can to shut it down.

All versions of the site, save for TPB Tor, were inaccessible. Now, these fears are finally doused as The Pirate Bay appears to be back online, to the joy of file-sharers.

During the downtime, users visiting The Pirate Bay were met with a Cloudflare error message while others were greeted with a cached web page.

It is unclear as to what caused the downtime, but with Cloudflare involved, it could be a hosting issue, which is not something new to The Pirate Bay users as they encountered this before.

Such problem indicates that the servers of the site were unresponsive. The administrators of the site know exactly what to do when it comes to these issues.

Either way, it appears that The Pirate Bay outage is not something to worry about as far as the site's standing on the web. The domain name remained intact as well as the nameservers.

That being said, this is simply just a hiccup that the site experienced, and users have nothing to fear about the site being shut down despite the unrelenting efforts of copyright holders.

After all, The Pirate Bay is one of the few that escaped shutdowns while torrent giants like the Kickass Torrents and the were not so lucky.

In fact, the former's alleged owner, Artem Vaulin, remains in prison since July when KAT was seized. Recently, his legal team, led by Ira Rothken, urged the court to dismiss the case, explaining that there was no criminal copyright violation committed.