'The Last of Us 2' news: Ellie will kill Joel?; Game possibly in development following 'Uncharted 4' success

"The Last of Us 2" reportedly won't be at the E3.Last of Us web site

"The Last of Us 2" has gotten more hype after its supposed poster was showcased as an "Uncharted 4" Easter egg. Fans are now excited about whether or not the game is already in development.

However, according to the Parent Herald, without the "Uncharted" game series, "The Last of Us" would have been shelved. The reason for this is that the creative director Neil Druckmann considered the former to be the key to be able to release the latter. After all, when the first time "The Last of Us" was pitched, George Romero rejected it and instead chose a different project to support.

However, Druckmann refused to accept the refusal, so even when this concept was pitched as a mini comic series, he worked with the "Uncharted" game with Naughty Dog and was able to succeed with it. Following this, Sony gave him a sort of a "blank check" for "The Last of Us" game.

Regardless, with "The Last of Us 2" still unconfirmed even after it was expected to appear in the E3 2016 event, fans are still hoping that the game is still in development. According to the Ecumenical News a lot of rumors are pointing to Ellie killing Joel in this game sequel.

Ellie had all the motives for killing him, since near the end of "The Last of Us" Joel killed all the Fireflies in the hospital they were captured in to save Ellie from being killed. This might seem to be counterproductive, but it could be possible that Ellie may have harbored some resentment to Joel due to the fact that she already consented to sacrifice herself for the betterment of mankind.

However, with the death of the only people that would have had the means of formulating the cure, Ellie might just kill Joel once she knows the truth.