The fight to overturn enforced gender fluid teaching in Wales intensifies

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Only last week, Gwynedd Plaid Cymru councillor Beca Brown was complaining of abuse from parents because of her support for implementing the new RSE code in schools in Wales.

She claimed she had suffered unacceptable online abuse and been called a paedo lover, alleging that she had also been threatened, with someone tweeting that her support for the code had put a rope round her neck, and that she deserved the death penalty. Obviously, such extreme reactions cannot be condoned; but we must ask, what provoked them?

The background to what has fast developed into a full-blown row between parents, schools, and government functionaries is that in 2021 a new Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) curriculum – the Relationships and Sexuality Education Code – was introduced into Welsh schools.

The Code makes sex, gender and sexuality education mandatory for all children from age 3 to 16, to be presented throughout in what is called a developmentally appropriate manner, but embedded into all subjects across the curriculum. In a nutshell, the Code makes mandatory a 'whole-school' approach, with all subjects compelled to teach 'inclusivity and diversity'.

From age 3, therefore, children are mandated to learn that gender is not fixed, that sometimes birth sex does not match an individual's preferred gender, and that some families have two mummies or two daddies – from which point they rapidly progress to the idea that they can choose for themselves the gender they want to be, as well as their sexual orientation.

It is then but a short step to teaching the mechanics of sex itself, starting with self-stimulation. All of which is now being required so that children can supposedly learn how to keep themselves 'safe'. It goes without saying there can be no parental right of withdrawal from this teaching, because it is embedded into every subject.

Back to Ms Brown! The allegations made were clearly designed to highlight what the councillor regards as unacceptable bigotry and homophobia amongst parents who haven't yet caught up with the rebranded values of the 21st century. A view seemingly endorsed by the Welsh Government, which subsequently issued a statement condemning the graphic leaflet that had been produced by Public Child Protection Wales (PCPW), and which had accused the Government of backing a curriculum that exposed children to inappropriate and sexually hazardous ideas, including "self-stimulation, masturbation, bondage and anal sex" .

The immediate response of many will probably be to dismiss such claims as far-fetched scaremongering, which couldn't possibly have any foundation in truth. A quick look at the guidance, however, gives pause for thought, because it is overt in its commitment to social engineering.

The guidance to the Code begins, "The Welsh Government committed to covering the following themes in RSE: relationships; rights and equity; sex, gender and sexuality; bodies and body image; sexual health and well-being; and violence, safety and support ... Across the learning strands, curriculum content in RSE must be inclusive and reflect diversity. It must include learning that develops learners' awareness and understanding of different identities, views and values and a diversity of relationships, gender and sexuality, including LGBTQ+ lives."

In support of Councillor Brown, the Welsh government was quick to issue a robust denial, claiming that the leaflet was "full of misinformation and unevidenced, incorrect claims", and reaffirming that children would only learn topics that were appropriate to their age and development.

But, of course, what might be classed as 'appropriate' depends on your point of view, and Welsh parents have remained unimpressed. Led by PCPW, campaigners have mounted a legal challenge to the Government, calling for a judicial review on the grounds that the mandated changes, removing any notion of parental opt-out, amounts to ideological totalitarianism.

Led by human rights barrister Paul Diamond, they are claiming that the State is usurping their right to decide what is best and 'appropriate' for their children, in direct violation of Protocol 1, Article 2 of the European Convention of Human Rights.

Having laid down the right to education for all, this Article declares that, "... the State shall respect the right of parents to ensure such education and teaching is in conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions".

The case was heard this week before Mrs Justice Steyn at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, but judgment has been reserved till next month. Whatever the outcome, Welsh parents are to be applauded for their brave stand against the attempted ideological brainwashing of their children.

Whatever claimed justification, the policy of the Welsh Government displays not just contempt for Christian belief, but an active attempt to suppress its manifestation in the public space.

It is not surprising that it has provoked complaints, but complaints alone may achieve nothing, so we should welcome those who are prepared to take a lead by doing something about it!

It was Adolf Hitler who said that "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future," and secular activists know this full well too. That children are being targeted in this way is no accident.

Rev Lynda Rose is founder of Voice for Justice UK, a group which works to uphold the moral values of the Bible in society.