The CrossFit by Jesus parody that takes the concept literally [WATCH]

There's CrossFit, a serious daily workout regime that works on core strength and conditioning, and then there's CrossFit by Jesus, the not so serious parody workout that features in a new video posted to YouTube by The Kloons.

Just like the original CrossFit Workout of the Day - or WOD - CrossFit offers its own WOD  - the CrossWalk.

Walking eight hours a day, six days a week with a "patented" 100% mahogany Holy Cross strapped to your back "you too can have the body of an angel", the video says.

The video is introduced by founder "JC", who says he realised his "biggest burden was also my biggest opportunity".

The tongue-in-cheek testimonials in the video include:

"They say we all have our own crosses to bear.  It's just that when I bear mine, I engage my obliques."

"The CrossWalk truly is the Holy Trinity of exercise. It is the chest, abs and arms all at the same time."

"With CrossFit you can turn every daily routine into a divine calorie burning experience."

The original CrossFit obviously saw the funny side as they posted the parody video to their Facebook page.

The comments under the YouTube video largely joined in the joke but CrossFit took some flak for sharing the video on their Facebook page.

One commentator to their page wrote, "On what planet is it comical or encouraged to mock someones belief" while another said, "I don't know if offensive is the word I'm looking for, but disrespectful and cringe inducing seem to fit."