The birth of Jesus told the viral way

One digital marketing company's novel new way of telling the nativity story has struck a chord with the social media generation.

A short video by the Lisbon-based Excentric is doing the rounds on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and has clocked up more than two million views on YouTube already.

The video, which is just under three minutes long, starts with a search being made on Google for "the story of the Nativity" and is followed up with several humorous exchanges between Mary and Joseph via GoogleMail and Facebook that let viewers in on progress with the birth.

In one message, Mary writes: "Joseph we need to talk. I am going to be pregnant. Xoxo. reply ASAP"

They then use the Foursquare app to find accommodation and check in at the Stable.

Joseph announces the birth of the baby Jesus on his Facebook page, while the three magi buy their gifts on Amazon.

The video concludes with the message: "Times change, the feeling remains the same."

Miguel Figueiredo, president of Excentric, told CNN told: "The story for us is very familiar, even all the details.

"Of course we involved the people who are more connected to the religion on a more daily basis and they were very participative in the creative process."