The battle of the mind is a battle we can win

(Photo: Unsplash)

As I tend to preface, I wish to not speak for everyone - particularly on the topic of mental health.

Ultimately, there is and always will be a science to our minds and therefore our mental health.

This will always look unique for each individual person and is a product of creation - specifically God's.

I merely offer my own thoughts in hopes that perhaps something I write may be of value, and in some way helpful, depending on what's going on for you.

My journey with mental health

I don't actively seek to share or discuss my journey with mental health. The older I've become, the more awareness and empathy I've gained for how each of us are continuously on a unique journey of our own.

Yet, when I do share about my journey, I share that I once carried depression, but more importantly, I try to make it a point that I no longer do.

Of course, to the points I am about to make, I still experience depressive thinking, but I do not carry depression like I once did.

Understanding the mind

Something that helped me was gathering a better understanding of my mind and what our own minds are truly capable of.

Understanding the cycle of how our thoughts impact our feelings, and in turn how our feelings impact our thoughts, highlights how they are results of each other.

It further highlights how they're reflections of the world and reminders of the battle we are in. A battle of our mind, a tug-of-war between culture and Christianity.

Understanding the battle

I believe this visualization is important to draw on as Christians.

Of course, every human experiences this battle, but it is highlighted in its most sincerely stark state once one becomes truly aware of the deep contrast between God's goodness and the devil's desire.

Under Attack

As Christians we commit to walking with and towards God - in faith and on His path towards the destination it leads. On this path we become closer to God, and the closer to God we become the more our enemy wants us farther away.

For every step, the enemy attempts to reroute us.

In these attempts the enemy attacks our minds, relentlessly prompting us with questions and filling us with doubts, thoughts of temptation, and simply, false thinking. The enemy tries to shape our idea of our world in the reflection of his own.

These thoughts create feelings of (to name just a few) purposelessness, anxiousness, dissatisfaction and inadequacy - a combined concoction that can create depression.

This becomes heavy to carry. Particularly heavy for most, and extremely for many.

Separate from us

But through their intense complexities - they're thoughts and feelings, and are separate from us.

They're not who we are and they do not define us. Our thoughts are not truth and they're certainly not our identity.

You are not anxiousness.

You are not purposelessness.

You are not depression.

A battle we win

I hope that recognising this allows you to breathe. I hope that trusting the truth shows you are not defined by the devil, nor the thoughts or feelings that circulate your mind.

After all, our minds which facilitate our thoughts and feelings are arguably the most incredible creation in all of creation - powerful tools designed by God, not weapons set for self-destruction.

It's walking on the path of God's in faith, truth and goodness that strengthens our minds to withlast the attacks that come, and will come.

That's the battle.

The battle between good and evil; a battle between culture and Christiantity; a battle of thoughts and feelings.

A battle we are certainly part of, and a battle of which we are on the winning side.