'The Affair' season 3: Helen's guilt over Noah's predicament threatens to consume her

Helen deals with her guilt in "The Affair" season 3.Facebook/Showtime

Even if her ex-husband took the fall for Scotty's (Colin Donnell) death, Helen's (Maura Tierney) guilt must be consuming her inside, as she knows she is the one behind the wheel during the fatal car accident.

During the season 2 finale of the Showtime series "The Affair," it was finally revealed that three people were involved the night Scotty was robbed of his life. Helen and Noah (Dominic West) were in a car driving away from Cole (Joshua Jackson) and Luisa's (Catalina Sandino Moreno) wedding when they suddenly hit something. When Noah got out of the vehicle to look, he saw Scotty, already not moving. When he looked around, he saw Alison (Ruth Wilson) hiding in the bushes. Later on, she admitted she pushed Scotty toward the road when he tried to rape her.

According to Alison, she encountered a drunk Scotty on the road while she was trying to sort her feelings about her relationship with Noah. She just confessed that Noah was not the father of her daughter Joanie. Scotty reportedly accosted her and forced her to back him up with Cole about being a business partner in Lobster Roll. When she said no, he then tried to molest her, which led to the push that killed him.

For their part, Helen and Noah were going home together that night. Noah was previously driving, but he pulled over and asked her to take the wheel. He said he still could not get over the fact that Alison lied to him about Joanie. When Noah reached out to Helen to caress her hand, she took her eyes off the road for a moment to look at him. That was when they hit the totally stoned Scotty.

In season 3, creator Sarah Treem told Elle that the tone of the series would change, although she did not specify in what manner. She said the story about the messy relationship among the characters would not pay off until the next installment.

"What we had always said when we started the show was that each season was going to represent a different stage in a love affair. The first season is the crush, the melodrama. And then the second season was always supposed to be darker... And the third season changes again," she shared.

"The Affair" season 3 will premiere sometime in 2016 on Showtime.