'The 100' season 3 trailer: Glimpse of new season before Christmas?

Official Facebook/The100

With all the spoilers making "The 100" season 3 sound action-packed and gripping, fans more and more feel the need to see a glimpse of it all with a trailer. Thankfully, it looks like they are not too far away from being treated to one.

Executive producer Jason Rothenberg has confirmed via Twitter that a trailer for the new season will be revealed before Christmas. In fact, he is only a touch of visual effects and scoring away from the unveiling of new clips from the upcoming season.

"Oh my God, guys. The Season 3 trailer is INSANE!!! Just a bit more to do to it before l can share," Rothenberg promised in another tweet. Apart from this revelation, he also confirmed that "The 100" season 3 will see new romances blossom.

When asked by a fan about new relationships coming into bud in the new season, here's what Rothenberg had to say: "Yep. We just consummated one today in the room as a matter of fact." However, the EP did not go into detail as to which people are involved.

For a while now, fans have been requesting to see more moments between Clarke and Bellamy. However, the events in the previous season culminated with the former leaving the latter and Camp Jaha altogether. Rothenberg has hinted that this may cut off the pair's connection but not for good.

The EP teased that while Clarke and Bellamy have come to love and respect each other, both of them do not see it as romantic. But this, of course, is still subject to change and this possibility may be explored in "The 100" season 3.

"But you know what, the truth is that I'm not deliberately toying with [Bellarke]! It's just the story that we're telling now," Rothenberg told E! Online. "If it makes sense at some point, it will happen."

"The 100" season 3 premieres Jan. 21 on The CW.