The latest Hellboy film features Nazis and the occult – and it's being filmed at an English cathedral

Ruth GledhillWells Cathedral

Officials at the historic Wells Cathedral in Somerset have defended a decision to allow the latest Hellboy movie to be filmed in the 900-year-old building.

Hellboy is a comic book series featuring the child of a union between demon and a witch that revolves around stories of the occult and the apocalypse.

Actor David Harbour, star of Stranger Things, has already shot scenes at Wells.

Pamela Eagan who lives opposite the cathedral, told the BBC she was horrified: 'For heavens's sake. Are we losing sight of what this was built for? I have to say I am surprised and shocked.'

Ruth GledhillWells Cathedral interior

The new Hellboy release will be titled Rise of the Blood Queen and features a character summoned from hell to help win World War II for the Nazis. He then goes over to help the Allies.

A Wells Cathedral spokeswoman told The Times that the dean and chapter had agreed to let the production company use the cathedral for a 'small element' of the film. She said: 'We realise that the idea of this filming may cause concern with some people who aren't familiar with the stories and character. Hellboy originated, in fact, as a superhero in a series of novels created by Mike Mignola.

'His true nature is one of a hero and he becomes a defender against the forces of darkness. The eternal battle of good over evil which this story examines helps us to encourage an intelligent faith which does not hide from controversy and one that looks for the good inside people no matter their outward appearance.'