Texas mother sees Jesus on moth's wings: 'I believe this was a sign'

Moth spotted by the Esquilin family.HLN/Twitter

Yvonne Esquilin of Georgetown, Texas spotted something incredible on the wings of a moth last week.

The yellow and brown insect flew into her home around noon on Wednesday, and stayed until Thursday morning. Esquilin believes that the unexpected visit was a sign from God, after likening the pattern on the moth's wings to an image of Jesus.

The moth's size and vivid colors initially caused the family to think that the insect was a butterfly. They didn't notice the unique wing pattern until hours later.

"We were just amazed at the size of the moth," Esquilin told KXAN. "It didn't dawn on me until I snapped the picture."

A "face" appears on the moth's wings, along with what could be interpreted as a beard and moustache, and long, dark hair.

"At first it looked like Jesus," she said, "and I still think it looks like Jesus."

Esquilin had been praying for a way to continue her daughter's education, and believes that the timing of the moth's appearance is significant. The family also discovered that the color yellow symbolises hope, and brown represents important news.

"I believe this was a sign," she explained. "God is letting me know good news is coming and to keep the hope."

The insect was an Imperial Moth, known for its colouring and unique wing patterns. Although the family saw Jesus on the moth's wings, some viewers of the Esquilins' moth saw a very different figure.

"People also saw an image of the Devil which is kind of creepy but after staring at it for so long it almost looks like it," Ms. Esquilin said.

For those who do see something spiritual in usually ordinary things, there is often a personal message that accompanies the visual interpretation.

When a sliced eggplant's seeds spelled G-O-D last month, the cook who made the discovery said the message from the Lord was loud and clear.

"He's showing me that 'hey, I'm real' and that's the only thing I can depend on," Jemarcus Brady said.