'Tekken 7' news: Nina Williams confirmed for 'Tekken 7'

Tekken Official

Good news for hardcore fans of fighting franchise "Tekken" as Bandai Namco announced the return of another fan-favorite fighter to the roster.

According to Shoryuken, Bandai Namco announced at the recent EVO 2016 that one of fighters that will be included in the "Tekken 7: Fated Retribution" update is none other than Nina Williams. Accompanying the reveal is a new gameplay trailer for the fighter showing Nina's skills as "The Bride."

Polygon said that the inclusion of Nina Williams will most definitely be a surprise treat for hardcore "Tekken" fans, who noticed her absence from the original "Tekken 7" title. Williams is a veteran of the franchise, joining the roster from the original "Tekken" title in 1994 up to "Tekken 6."

Aside from Nina Williams, another confirmed fighter that will appear on the "Tekken 7" stage is another surprise addition. Previous reports already mentioned that Akuma from the "Street Fighter" series will be joining the roster. Reportedly, although he is from a rival series, Akuma has an instrumental connection to the Heihachi Mishima family and will play a great role in the upcoming "Tekken 7" outing. In a previous debut trailer for the character, it was hinted that Akuma knew the Mishima matriarch, Kazumi.

However, aside from Akuma, no other crossover characters have been confirmed by Bandai Namco, saying that one fighter is enough as adding more characters will affect and "throw off" the game's world and story, noted GameSpot.

"Tekken 7" first rolled out as an arcade title in Japan last year, and there were some location tests for the title done in North America. For this year, Bandai Namco confirmed that "Tekken 7" and its "Fated Retribution" update will also be released on the PlayStation 4 console. However, roll-out dates have not been set yet for the two releases.