'Teen Wolf' season 5 premiere spoilers: the hunt for Malia's mother continues and a new set of villains

Teen WolfMTV

The first glimpse into "Teen Wolf" season 5 was given during the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday, April 12. The short promotional trailer started with the words, "The doctors will see you now" as someone is seen getting an injection. According to Holland Roden during the PaleyFest, these new villains are human; or at least human-like.

The voice over narration then switches to Seth Gilliam's  Dr. Alan Deaton as he statess, "The rules have changed." This coincides with series creator Jeff Davis' promise that the fifth season would feature a lot more action and a lot more horror. Season 5 has been marketed as the darkest season of the show thus far.

According to Zap2It, season 5 will focus primarily on three main plots: Malia will hunt for mother, the Desert Wolf, while the mystery behind Deputy Jordan Parrish would be unveiled. Chris Argent will continue his search for his were-jaguar sister, Kate, by employing the help of Araya Calavera.

One face missing in season 5 is Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale. The actor left the series to pursue a career in movies instead of acting for television. This does not immediately mean he will be leaving the show for good. Davis confirmed during the Paleyfest that fans have "not seen the last of Derek" and that Tyler will return occasionally as a guest star.

Cody Christian, from "Pretty Little Liars," will also be coming on board as a new "lone wolf" named Theo. His official description indicates that Theo isn't new to Beacon Hills and he may have some secrets that could unravel why the town attracts all sorts of supernatural beings.

Sixteen year old Michael Lynch will also be appearing in one episode as a creature known as the Sluagh. Lynch's participation is a gift from the "Make-a-Wish" Foundation. The Sluagh is based on Scottish and Irish folklore and is a creature that devours human souls while placing a part of its own soul into sleeping victims.

"Teen Wolf" season 5 will premiere on June 29, 2015.