'Teen Wolf' season 6 air date, spoilers: actress Meagan Tandy hasn't been told if Braeden is in

Derek and Braeden in 'Teen Wolf'MTV

After Arden Cho bade farewell to her character Kira Yukimura after the fifth season, another cast member is rumored to leave her character when "Teen Wolf" returns for season 6.

In an interview with Untitled, actress Meagan Tandy revealed that she has yet to find out if her character Braeden will join the cast next season.

According to the actress, she is still working on the second season of "UnREAL" and "Survivor's Remorse" at the moment and her scenes are being filmed outside Los Angeles. This could mean that doing scenes for "Teen Wolf" season 6 would be very inconvenient for her.

But the actress is still open to a call from the show's creator.

"I don't wanna say that I won't be there because it's Jeff Davis, you really just honestly never know. Right now I am on two other shows so take that as you may," Tandy said.

The actress also revealed that her character was supposedly killed off in season 3A after her job to rescue Isaac (Daniel Sharman) was fulfilled, but Davis chose to change it.

"She just started popping up in different episodes and became Derek's [Tyler Hoechlin] love interest, and so much just kind of came on a whim to be honest. I wasn't prepped for any of it, I didn't know a thing, I was just going with the flow. It's been so much fun," the actress said in the interview. This could mean that she can easily appear in any part of season 6 if Davis would instruct her to.

Meanwhile, fans of the series are looking forward to Scott's (Tyler Posey) pack facing two villains when "Teen Wolf" season 6. Speaking with HollywoodLife, Davis revealed that he believes that the show should always have two baddies per season.

"The Soldier's definitely not the only villain this season," the series creator claims.

MTV has yet to announce the premiere date of "Teen Wolf" season 6.