TD Jakes expresses support for son facing indecent exposure charge

Potter’s House Bishop TD Jakes has expressed support for his son who faces a charge of indecent exposure.

Jermaine Jakes, 29, is accused of exposing himself in front of two undercover vice detectives in a Dallas park on the night of January 3. He was arrested at the scene and later released. He turned himself in to the Dallas County Jail last Thursday and was released on bail.

If charged, Jermaine Jakes could face up to six months in jail and a $2,000 fine.

TD Jakes, whose bestselling books and television broadcasts have given him an international following, told the congregation at Potter’s House he had had the “week from hell”, according to the Associated Press.

He said in a statement to the congregation that his son’s arrest was “unfortunate” but gave assurances of his support.

“As parents, we occasionally feel that our children do not live up to our highest and best ideals. When they do not, we don't diminish our love for them as recompense for our disapproval. Like our children, we also are not infallible nor do we profess to be,” he said.

Bishop Jakes said the family would turn to Christ for His grace.

“It is in moments like these that I am so grateful that we do not preach that we are the solution, but we look to Christ for resolution,” he said. “So then, as a very human family with real issues, like many other people, we will draw from the same well of grace to which we have led others to drink and be refreshed.”