Target is 'off-target' for promoting gender neutrality in its stores — Franklin Graham

Reverend Franklin Graham urges Christians to let Target officials know ‘that you are perfectly willing to shop where the genders God created are appreciated.’(BGEA)

Reverend Franklin Graham believes that American retail company Target is ironically "off-target" when they decided to stop using gender-specific signages in their stores in order to promote gender neutrality.

"In order to be gender-neutral, they won't be separating things like toys and bedding into boys' and girls' sections," he wrote on his Facebook page. "Oh really? And they won't be using pink and blue colours to identify sexes. I think Target may be forgetting who has made their stores strong."

According to evangelist Billy Graham's son, it is actually not gender-neutral people who have made Target such a thriving company but rather the hardworking American families, fathers and mothers with boys and girls they love, who have supported the company since it was first established.

"What's next? Are they going to try to make people believe that pink or blue baby showers are politically incorrect? I have news for them and for everyone else — God created two different genders," Graham said.

He quoted the Bible verse Matthew 19:4 wherein Jesus Christ said: "Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning made them male and female?"

Graham said God's Word cannot be clearer than this. He urged Christians to voice out their concerns to Target. "Let them know that you are perfectly willing to shop where the genders God created are appreciated. Target is way off-target on this one!" he said.

There are a total of 1,934 Target stores in the United States, and the retail giant carries clothing, shoes, jewelry, health and beauty products, cell phones and electronics, DVDs, bedding, toys, housewares, sporting goods, pet supplies, automotive supplies, hardware supplies, and food, among many other things.