Taiwan Churches Impose Positive Influence on Presidential Election

TAIWAN--- 2004 is an important year of political power change, around 10 countries, including USA, Taiwan, Indonesia and so on will have the presidential election. The kind of viewpoints that a Christian should hold becomes the focus of believers.

In order to let the saints to acquire a correct attitude, Kingdom Revival Times invited cross sect speakers to hold "Religion and Politics Seminar" they thought that church should follow the teaching of the Holy Bible, giving positive effort of being the light and salt of the world.

Kingdom Revival Times held the seminar on the 6th floor in Bread of Life, Christian Church in Taipei. Rev. Chou Shen-Chu, one of the organization head of Kingdom Revival Times, held the seminar. The guest speakers include the main minister of Taiwan Christian Presbyterian Churches Hu Rong Guang, Chinese Christian Evangelistic Association secretary Xia Zhong Jian, and National Cheng Chi University (NCCU) Religion Studies Institute Kwok Cheng Tian etc.

The seminar aims at discussing the interaction relations between politics and church. The rich content will be publicized in the Kingdom Revival Magazine, Spring Edition. All congregations are welcomed to subscribe.

Rev. Chou Shen-Chu thought that churches should not intervene or involve in politics, but should produce positive influence in spiritual education aspect; the greater influence is the best.

Rev. Law Rong Guang said, "God fulfills the complete reign of the earth through Christians, therefore Christians should be the creative minority, show the function of being salt and light, to lead the politics into the righteous road. When the society shows up many campaign slogans and political ideas, how should Church nurture its saints"

Rev. Xia claims that the basic principal is to "Persist absolute truth. Respect each other" Rev. Lam thought that we should have the attitude of New Testament, "Being harmony with others, no competition, no clamor."

Besides the seminar, Professor Chou Keng He from China Evangelical Seminary, Associate Professor Peng Hui En from Tunghai University and some other recognized scholars will give special article discussion on this topic.