Synagogue in Mary Magdalene's town where Jesus preached unearthed in Israel

An early 14th century painting show Mary Magdalene kissing the feet of the crucified Jesus. The painting is found in Tolentino Basilica di San Nicola Cappellone in Italy.(Wikipedia)

Mary of Magdala, popularly known as Mary Magdalene, is one of the more prominent figures in the Bible's New Testament. She stayed with Jesus Christ until His crucifixion, while His apostles were in hiding. She was also among the first persons to whom the resurrected Christ showed Himself.

Recently, archaeologists unearthed a first-century synagogue under a purchased land in northern Israel, believed to be part of Mary Magdalene's home town.

Along with the synagogue, an ancient altar or "bimah" was also uncovered. This is now being called "the Magdala Stone" by archaeologists.

According to the Bible, Jesus preached in the Synagogues of Galilee. Since this is the only synagogue discovered in the area from the first century, it is very likely that Jesus Christ preached in this very area.

The archaeologists also uncovered a 2,000-year-old bowl, which may have even been used by Jesus Christ to wash His hands before entering the synagogue.

In addition to these, Dr. Marcela Zapata, an archaeologist, said her team also found coins and pots, which needed some restoration, in the site.

"Each piece tells a story about the common life—about the cooking, about the materials," Zapata explained.

Father Juan Solana, who purchased the land where the synagogue and artefacts were unearthed, meanwhile strongly believes that the new archaeological discoveries were of Biblical importance.

"This is a holy site, I am sure of that," said Solana, who was supposed to build a Christian retreat house on the area.

Solana also said he hopes these new discoveries will strengthen the faith of Christians and Jews alike.

"It is not for me. This is for millions of people that will come see this, will enjoy this as I did, and hopefully will be able to discover our common roots at the center," Solana said.