'Supernatural' season 11 spoilers: 'The Vampire Diaries' star snags recurring role; Sam and Dean tackle green-eyed aliens in episode 19

"The Vampire Diaries" star Elizabeth Blackmore will appear in "Supernatural" season 11.The CW

Elizabeth Blackmore is about to take on a whole new role. "The Vampire Diaries" star, known for her role in the vampire drama as Valerie, will take a break from the mayhem in Mystic Falls to deal with a new pair of brothers in "Supernatural" season 11.

Blackmore will play the role of a mysterious young woman named Lady Toni Bevell in an upcoming episode of "Supernatural" season 11. Not much is known about the character except for the fact that she will be appearing in season 12 as well.

The description of the "Supernatural" character, provided by E! Online, reads: "A mysterious visitor from across the pond, Lady Toni Bevell will actually have a lot in common with Sam and Dean."

Blackmore will not have a hard time making a transition from one hit CW series to another, seeing that the shows both deal with all things mystic and fantastical. It will surely be exciting what she will bring in "Supernatural" seasons 11 and 12.

With her character's safe standing (at least for now) in "The Vampire Diaries," it looks like she will bounce between the two shows. Whether or not Blackmore's Lady Toni Bevell is a friend or a foe remains a mystery.

As fans wait to learn more about the latest character addition to the show, they can also look forward to the upcoming "Supernatural" season 11 episode, which sees Dean and Sam deal with "aliens attacking people."

People call them chitters, zombie-like mutant creatures with green eyes. One woman in the "Supernatural" season 11 promo refers to chitters as something that is transmitted. Those who get it become all "revved up."

One of these so-called chitters attack Dean, but "Supernatural" fans know that he will get out of this trouble, after everything he and his brother have seen and battled.

"Supernatural" season 11, episode 19 "The Chitters" airs April 27 at 9 p.m. ET on CW.