'Supergroup' Of Chorister Kids Releases Album Of Choral Classics

Graham Lacdeo

Choristers from more than 50 cathedrals around the UK have joined forces with the choir of St Paul's Cathedral in London. They've come together to record an album which will be released on March 17.

The release features choral music from centuries ago by composers including GF Handel, and from recent decades such as John Rutter.

It's been conceived to mark 500 years of cathedral music and has been given the backing of Aled Jones, one of the most famous names in choral music and presenter of Songs of Praise and Classic FM.

The choir is jokingly being referred to as a 'supergroup' because of the quality and number of the singers. The young singers feature together in a promotional video which shows them joking and laughing together during the recording of the album.

The album is raising money for a scholarship fund which allows more young people to train to be choristers. The ancient tradition is still carried on at most cathedrals across the UK.

Aled Jones said: 'I've never seen so many choristers from cathedrals all around the country. When I first heard them sing all together, it was phenomenal – there were tears in people's eyes, it was just so moving.'