'Super Smash Bros.' Lucas DLC release date set for June 14

Super Smash Bros. 4 - Lucas DlCqNintendo

The "Super Smash Bros. 4" title for the Wii-U and 3DS continues to grow as Nintendo continues to update the game's roster. The game company has just announced via Twitter that a new DLC character, Lucas, will be available starting Sunday, June 14. 

Lucas comes from the video game "Mother 3" for the GameBoy Advance, the official sequel to "Mother 2" which is known in North America as "Earthbound." "Mother 3" never saw a U.S. release but fans have taken it upon themselves to create and release their own English fan-translation patch. 

According to a report from IGN, Lucas was announced last April as a DLC character and will be the second DLC for the game following the release of Mewtwo. Nintendo plans to continue releasing more DLC characters and has even launched an online poll where gamers can vote who they want to be offered next. 

The character can be purchased for just the Wii-U or 3DS separately for $3.99, but gamers who own both devices can have Lucas in both versions for just $4.99, a similar pricing scheme used when Mewtwo was released last April. 

Lucas was previously a part of the "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" roster which is why many fans were shocked when he wasn't in the original roster for "Super Smash Bros. 4," even though Ness was included. Ness is the hero of "Earthbound" and has been a staple of the "Super Smash Bros." franchise since it first began for the Nintendo 64. According to a Nintendo video presentation, there will be a significant difference in the way Lucas and Ness will play, justifying why the former isn't just a costume swap for the latter. 

June 15 will also see the release of the Miiverse stage, which is a free update, and the "Splatoon" character costumes which will cost between $0.75 and $1.15, according to a report from Game Rant.