'Steven Universe' season 2 spoilers: Yellow Diamond goes after Peridot; details on 2 upcoming episodes revealed

"Steven Universe" season 2 will be packed with Yellow Diamond rage.Facebook/Steven Universe

The Crystal Gems won't be back anytime soon for the rest of "Steven Universe" season 2, but there are already new details and spoilers about what the latter half of the season has in store for fans.

For a kickoff, it is being said that a brand-new enemy will rise to power in "Steven Universe" season 2 in the form of Yellow Diamond, whose abhorrence of Earth knows no bounds.

The short bob-haired Homeworld Gem's abomination of anything non-Gem was already proven in her debut "Steven Universe" episode "Message Received." However, her hate for Earth is greater more than anything else.

Hearing the mere idea of it makes her blood boil. With her hate partnered with a wrath that can create massive destruction, the Crystal Gems will be in big trouble come "Steven Universe" season 2.

When Yellow Diamond travels to Earth in "Steven Universe" season 2, Steven and Peridot will both be in her crosshairs.

Viewers will remember that Peridot left the Cluster and disobeyed her Homeworld superior before heading to Earth and officially becoming the latest member of the Crystal Gems.

Apart from her power and strength, Yellow Diamond's temper is also something the heroes have to worry about because it almost seems that the angrier she is, the powerful she gets and she has tons of reasons to get heated.

Meanwhile, the next episode of "Steven Universe" season 2 is titled "Barn Mates." A leaked sneak peek of the episode shows Steven helping Lapis Lazuli and Peridot get along after the former breaks the gift she got from the latter.

A screenshot from the upcoming "Steven Universe" season 2 episode "Barn Mates."Cartoon Network/YouTube/The World Of Adventure Time, Steven Universe & Pokemon

Steven fears that Peridot will leave because of this and is determined to reconcile the two so no one will have to go away. It is in this episode that the two ladies will form a friendship like no other.

Another episode is called "Super Watermelon Island," which sees Steven discover what became of the Watermelon versions of himself he created.

A premiere date for the latter part of "Steven Universe" season 2 has yet to be announced.