'Steven Universe' season 2 updates: Is this the end for Peridot?


Cartoon Network remains mum about the release of the new episodes of "Steven Universe" season 2, but speculations about the plot continue to spread online.

Based on a leaked clip of an upcoming episode reportedly titled "Barn Mates," the lives of Steven and his friends will be in danger because of Yellow Diamond's wrath.

In the previous episodes, Yellow Diamond was angered after Peridot tried to make her realize the value of the Earth and her wish to destroy the Cluster. Because of her sudden change of mind, Peridot's life seems to be in danger.

In the leaked clip for the next episode of "Steven Universe" season 2, Peridot is joined by her former enemy Lapis Lazuli and their common friend Steven as they try to avoid the probe ordered by Yellow Diamond on Earth. However, Yellow Diamond's "roaming eye" cannot defeat the powers of Lapis Lazuli. But it does not mean that the group is already out of danger from Yellow Diamond's wrath.

But how long can Lapis Lazuli and Steven cover for Peridot before Yellow Diamond decides to go after her on Earth so she could kill the newest member of the Crystal Gems?

Meanwhile, Movie Pilot reported that fans will finally get to know how Yellow Diamond's Diamond Authority managed to get hold of the control of all the gems in the universe. "They're objectively better than us. Every Gem has their strengths and weakness, but not them. They're absolutely totally completely flawless beings! Especially my diamond: Yellow Diamond," she says.

This means that Yellow Diamond thinks highly of herself. But her stay on Earth should be expected to be filled with a lot of action and nerve-wracking fights between the Diamond Authority and the Crystal Gems.

The next episode of "Steven Universe" season 2 is set to air sometime this year.