Stephen Baldwin says God doesn't need a revival: 'The Holy Spirit is always who He is'

Actor Stephen Baldwin believes God does not need a revival.(PHOTO: Twitter/Stephen Baldwin)

Many Christians have long been calling for a spiritual revival, but Oscar-nominated actor Stephen Baldwin believes there's no need for one because God's power and strength have always been consistent.

This is what Baldwin said when he attended The National Religious Broadcasters Proclaim 2018 conference last month, according to The Christian Post.

"See, God doesn't need a revival, the Holy Spirit doesn't need a revival!" he said. "Did the Holy Spirit operate in a certain frequency of strength and then suddenly go down again? Is the Holy Spirit somewhere resting on a beach getting His strength back so that He can come back and create a revival? No!"

"The Holy Spirit is always who He is, and He is the never-ending, immeasurable power of God and we just need to be reminded of that," Baldwin added.

Instead of a "revival," the actor said that what people truly need are reminders of God's love and power. "For me, my message is [to] anybody that's shouting about a revival: 'Just remember, God's never changed.' We just need to be reminded of that power and then we wouldn't be questioning, nervous or scared about our calling," he explained.

Baldwin is pretty outspoken when it comes to his religious beliefs, and it is for this reason that he has been dubbed by some as "the Jesus freak of Hollywood."

He admitted that the title both bothers him and makes him proud. He's proud of his faith, but it does not make it easier for him to land jobs. In fact, he thinks his faith has put people of giving him acting roles.

"It's unfortunate that because I have believed in Jesus for 15 years that there are many in Hollywood who are unwilling to work with me. That's not a guess," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "Casting people and producers have told me that they've brought up my name in a room and the response was, 'No way, we're not bringing that guy and his Bible over here.'"